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L-J Baker

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Lady Knight

A medieval tale of honour, duty, and love.

Outcast female knight Riannon, disillusioned in the service of dishonourable lords, seeks a cause worthy of a chivalric hero. Eleanor would rather pay a hefty bribe to remain a widow than be forced to marry any man who would take control of her and her lands. She has given up hope of finding passionate love and her perfect knight—then she meets Riannon. Powerful priestess Aveline is on a secret mission from her Goddess to start a holy war to reclaim lost lands and a source of ancient power for her religious order. She needs a warrior. She binds Riannon through intrigue and a magical sword.

Loyalty and honour clash with love and ambition beneath the threat of war. In a medieval world of magic and misogyny, three women's lives become entangled in a tale worthy of troubadours' songs.

Paperback available from Barnes and Noble.

e-book available in various formats from Smashwords and, for Kindle, from Amazon.